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Malakili was a Human creature tamer from Corellia. He was sold to Jabba by the Circus Horrificus after an incident in which an arqet got loose and killed twelve audience members on Nar Shaddaa. He was mild-mannered and friendly with many of Jabba's crowd, such as Porcellus and J'Quille. He viewed the rancor as a kindhearted creature and a friend. At one point, the bloodthirsty gamblers demanded more violence. So Jabba ordered Malakili to train the rancor for battle, and had a special weapon harness built. Malakili fitted the rancor with the weapons harness and entered the dangerous "Demolition" games. Malakili forged a close bond with the creature, such that the rancor would allow Malakili to treat its wounds and eat meals with it.

At some point during his time on Tatooine, Malakili killed a giant mutated womp rat that had taken over a cave owned by Tusken Raiders, and got a gaderffii stick as a gift from them.

He was planning on betraying Jabba to Lady Valarian and leaving with the rancor because Jabba planned on pitting it against a Krayt dragon, which would surely kill it. He even hid a camera for her in Jabba's throne room. When Gonar threatened to blackmail Malakili with evidence of the planned betrayal, Malakili murdered him and fed the body to the rancor.

When the rancor was killed by Luke Skywalker, he could be seen to weep painfully. After Jabba's death at the Great Pit of Carkoon, Malakili broke Porcellus the cook out of Jabba's dungeon and they went on to found a restaurant in Mos Eisley called the Crystal Moon Restaurant.