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Lyn Me was a Twi'lek dancing girl. She performed with the Max Rebo Band while they played Jabba's Palace. When Lyn was a young girl on her home planet, Ryloth, her village was ravaged by slavers. The village elders managed to scrape together enough credits to hire the renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett to exterminate the raiders. Fett's mission was successful, though several villagers were caught in the crossfire of the battle, and the village school was set ablaze. Lyn Me was one of the many children the Mandalorian rescued from the inferno. From that day on, Lyn Me worshiped Boba Fett as a heroic figure, and followed his exploits in the HoloNet news broadcasts.

As Lyn Me grew up, she studied traditional Twi'lek dance, hoping to become a professional entertainer and find work off Ryloth. Her chance came when Max Rebo talked her into becoming a dancer and backup singer for his band. As they toured the galaxy, she constantly searched her audiences for her hero, hoping to reunite with him and impress him with her talent. She nearly left the band when they began their extended engagement at Jabba's Palace, due to her disgust with the uncouth, lascivious rabble the crime lord attracted. Nevertheless, she stayed with the band when she learned that Boba Fett frequently handled bounties for Jabba. Lyn Me became a fast friend of the band's other women—Sy SnootlesRystáll Sant, and Greeata Jendowanian.

Finally, she was reunited with Boba Fett in 4 ABY. She was greatly honored to perform for him, and even more honored when he told her how much he enjoyed her performance. Fett promised to meet up with her again, but their plans were derailed when Luke Skywalker arrived in the palace. After the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, her friends in the Max Rebo Band who accompanied the execution party barely escaped the destruction of Jabba's sail barge Khetanna, and Boba Fett was presumed dead. Lyn Me swore vengeance on Skywalker and his associates.