The Local Interesting Material Detector is the most popular product ever made by the Twin Planets Spacecraft Electronics Corporation. It works with the standard sensor package and computer of the ship but is programmed to ignore all the things one doesn't find interesting and will alert one only when something else comes into range. For example, it can be told to "ignore everything except for planet Miblok", and when something shows up on the screen, it must be planet Miblok. The Detector is very handy for finding one's way around a new solar system.

It accomplishes this with the capability to send all gathered information instantaneously through the Outernet to a common database, and compare the readings to that of all items it has been programmed to ignore, and if that is what they are, it ignores them. If the ship's computer is advanced enough, it can be programmed to override this setting when it believes something under ignorance to be threatening.