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Liebsen Bounz is an ex-basketball star and current kangaroo burglar for the Villains' International League of Evil. His favorite author is Jules Verne, his favorite astronomer is Percival Lowell, and his favorite food is radiation.

Kicked out of basketball for shattering too many backboards, the embittered former “Doctor Dunk” turned to a life of crime. Used by Carmen Sandiego as a getaway vehicle, Liebsen not only leaps tall buildings, but also cities, forests, and even mountain ranges in a single bound. Departing from Mount Kilamanjaro, Liebsen recently escaped Earth's gravity with one jump and spent its vacation in orbit, taking in the constellations and reading “Around the World in Eighty Days” by its main man, Jules Verne.

Liebsen does have a bit of a problem in small spaces, like any building with small clearance. The sight of Liebsen bouncing back and forth endlessly between floor and ceiling causes its crime partners to laugh uncontrollably, making them all sitting ducks for security guards, galaxy cops and opportunistic tabloid photographers.