Lardle Lardle is a planet. Its inhabitants are such proficient travelers of space and time that it is often deserted for centuries on end. When it is inhabited, tourists are endlessly frustrated by the language, Lardle, which thanks to said traveling now consists of only the titular word. This has become such a problem that the main starport now has a sign in fifty-foot letters reading (roughly translated), "Tourists are advised to refrain from attempting to speak our language under any circumstances, unless they wish to be arrested for fooling around on a train with a tub of ice cream and someone's wife."

Many Lardles have tired of traveling and, using their collected holiday photographs as reference, built upon their planet magnificent and faithful copies of major art works and famous buildings from all over the Galaxy. For example, one particularly large sea-side gelateria is an exact replica of the Earth city of Venice, replete with flooded canals, decorative bridges, and strangely attired men who, for a price, will push young lovers around in boats singing the song "Lardle lardle lardle lardle", the lyrics of which, unbeknownst to the young lovers, actually mean "I can't believe they're paying me to push them around in a boat while singing this song".

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