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Kashyyyk, also known as Planet Wookiee C to some humans in the Core Worlds, was a wroshyr tree -covered forest planet located in the southwestern quadrant of the galaxy and the homeworld of the Wookiee species.

Fun Facts[]

Covered in wroshyr trees, Kashyyyk served as homeworld to the Wookiee species. Native fauna such as Can-cells would influence the design of starships by the Wookiee inhabitants, while great cities such as Kachirho would be built into the planet's trees. The Kashyyykian wilds could be dangerous to many, thanks to dangerous animals such as Terentateks or wyyyschokk spiders in addition to carnivorous plants such as the jaw plant and saava.


The Czerka occupation[]

In its early history, Kashyyyk was invaded by the Czerka Corporation. Using superior technology, the company managed to enslave the Wookiees until an uprising drove the invaders away. That painful episode left lasting scars in the Wookiees' hearts.