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When mercenary Aldar Beedo killed Fluggrian crime lord Borzu Nale with a laser rifle shot, he hadn't considered some of the consequences—especially that of Borzu's son, Kam Nale. Kam, distraught at his father's death, swore to annihilate Beedo in return. When he learned that Beedo was going to race in the Boonta Eve Classic, Kam saw his chance. Adopting the alias of Elan Mak, he purchased an outdated Kurtob KRT 410-C with bulbous engines and used the credits his father had left him to buy his way into the Boonta Classic. Few people suspected he could finish with a podracer like his, but Mak did manage to place fifth despite having never podraced before.

While at the Boonta Classic, Mak was confronted by rookie bounty hunter Rango Tel. Tel had been hired by a rival crime lord to assassinate Mak to ensure he did not carry on his father's empire. In a dark alley, Mak defended himself and killed the bounty hunter.

Realizing his skills as a pilot, Mak elected to look further into podracing, and his races doubled as a front for his mission to eliminate Beedo. When it became clear that the Kurtob wasn't fast or strong enough to give him victory, Mak switched to a prototype Dantel R0 Conejet and reinvented himself as a hardcore racer. He became famous for ruthlessly taking the aggressive on the track, but he always kept an eye on his Glymphid target.

Several years after his first race on Tatooine, Nale participated in the Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare. By this time, Beedo had fallen out of favour with his former employer, the Dug racer Sebulba, and his services had been enlisted by Wan Sandage, a rival who wanted Sebulba dead. Racing on the Phoebos Memorial Run, Nale missed several opportunities to shoot down the assassin, whose pod was destroyed partway through the race anyway.

Eventually, Beedo was shot down and arrested by a bounty hunter in the middle of a Fire Mountain Rally race, but no evidence could support any connection between this bounty hunter and Elan Mak.