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"Just Like You" is a poem addressed to Humans by an individual of unknown species. Given the broad range of species in the universe, the description in the poem doesn't really narrow it down a lot. The poem was plagiarized by an Earthling author named Bruce Coville.

Just because I’ve tentacles,

And skin of ocean blue,

Don’t think I don’t have feelings

That are just the same as you.

Every time I fall in love,

My knees are full of bliss,

And I pucker up my eyebrows

To give my girl a kiss.

The times we have a lover’s spat,

My liver’s always broken,

Many times I’ve cried my ears off

Because harsh words were spoken.

My nose runs and my feet smell;

I’ve heard that yours do too.

I shine my ears with gobs of wax,

Just the same as you.

When I am suspicious,

My feet can smell a Rat,

I try to eat nutritious,

Lots of sugar, salt, and fat.

When scared, I feel my skin crawl,

The way you Humans do.

Mine comes back here when I call it

(I hope that yours does, too.)

Though you’re rarely eight feet tall,

I don’t look down on you,

I know we’re really much the same

Even though you are not blue.