Jawson is the perfect henchman for a space-crook boss like Brick Daddy. He's loyal, tough, obedient, and dumb as a hyper-sack full of asteroid chunks. He never complains, never disobeys, and never talks back - in fact, he never talks at all. Don't underestimate him just because he's the strong and silent type, though. When Brick Daddy gives him a job to do, Jawson will carry it out no matter what he has to drive, blast or chomp his way through - as long as he can remember what he's supposed to do, anyway. He is allergic to anchovies.

His vehicle of choice is Jawson's Creeker , and he is wanted for breaking into astro-jail, breaking out of astro-jail, and remembering what he came for and breaking back into astro-jail.

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