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The Interstellar Xenophobic Mercenary Force is an organization dedicated to exterminating dangerous and annoying life-forms. Its motto is "ready for action" but others are more apt to say "where there is trouble, there is the IXMF", not necessarily in that order.

Prospective IXMF members face a grueling psychological test. Once they've failed that, they're all set. Although the adjective "xenophobic" in the title is presumably a joke, its membership contains little species diversity, being almost entirely composed of Humans. No one has accused them of discrimination however, probably because they have really big guns.

The IXMF was dispatched by the Federation League of Planets to wipe out a group of creatures that were attacking the colonists on Lowe's Planet. However, although they killed several creatures, they were unable to find the breeding creature that produced them more rapidly than they could be exterminated. Federation Police officer Ysanne Andropath, arriving in response to a distress signal, found and killed the beast with a borrowed IXMF machine gun.

The IXMF was also summoned to deal with a xenomorph queen aboard the starship Muffin. As they searched, one cadet cynically remarked that all of their elaborate plans would come to naught because they were all basically cannon fodder. He proved correct when the xenomorph killed them all.