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Infinity McMath is a certified cosmic accountant and member of the Villains' International League of Evil. Its favorite author is H.G. Wells, its favorite astronomer is Maria Mitchell, and its favorite food is toxic waste.

At the speed of light, Infinity calculates the risk factor, projected profits and likely-goof-ups-due-to-the-stupidity-of-gang-members of Carmen Sandiego's interstellar capers. It also divvies up the take afterwards, making sure Carmen gets at least twice her fair share. McMath was created by a crazed hacker out of a prototype MacIntosh computer, four “plumber's helpers”, and an abandoned '57 Chevy convertible.

Although clearly the “brains” of Carmen's outfit, Infinity has led a sheltered life. Physically uncoordinated, it is left behind on all heist jobs. In fact, Infinity rarely leaves Earth, even on vacation. It fantasizes a lot, though, and has read “The First Man on the Moon” (by its fave, H.G. Wells) several dozen times.