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Iceworld was a spaceship constructed by the Andor to search for a new world. Due to the expense of constructing suspended animation chambers for everyone, the ship itself was turned into one, and programmed to begin generating a thin layer of ice around itself after the distress signals had been set up. To assure that someone would find it, it generated a magnetic field that would pull beings out of warp.

They were nearly finished with the signals when they discovered that their ship had been invaded by the giant germ Ndrog, and they were just able to add this to the message before they were all frozen.

Unfortunately for them Ndrog, angry at being cheated of his prey, sabotaged the Iceworld’s computers to make the ice too thick. Every single other passenger died while he paced up and down in several layers of clothing in a heated office all day. The ice ruined the ship’s engines and it became a wreck, floating in space. All who saw it assumed it to be a small planet and didn’t bother with it.

Eventually, however, the distress signals were intercepted by the League of Worlds in Dimension Q, and Michael Peterson was dispatched to investigate. With his robot 2-Tor he discovered the Iceworld and melted through over one hundred kilometers of ice to get inside. They defeated Ndrog, as the Andor had anticipated, and left the ship as a monument to the lamented civilization.