Humma Kavula was a space pirate. During the Dordellis Wars he lost his legs and eyes and had them replaced with a set of mechanical telescoping spider appendages and a set of spectacles creating the illusion of normal eyes, respectively. Shortly before the conclusion of the wars, realizing that his life was in peril, he surrendered and retired from space piracy.

Eager to rebuild his ill-gotten and now lost fortune, Kavula then traveled to planet Viltvodle VI, which he had learned of during his travels as a pirate. There he appointed himself a preacher for the religion of the Jatravartids and added several innovations of his own, such as having the audience sneeze loudly at the end of a sermon and him replying "Bless you". More importantly for his purposes, however, he added the notion of monetary sacrifices. Under his leadership the religion grew to attract off-worlders for the first time, who soon made up the bulk of the congregation, as the Jatravartids preferred a less organized form of spirituality.

Seeking to increase the publicity of "his" religion further still, Kavula ran for President of the Galaxy. He targeted rival candidate Zaphod Beeblebrox with a thorough "Don't Vote for Stupid" smear campaign but could not compete with the other man's charisma. Sulking, he returned to Viltvodle VI. It was there that he remembered something else he had learned of as a pirate, drunken half-whispered rumors of the Point of View Gun created by the supercomputer Deep Thought, which could change the opinions and worldview of whoever it was fired at. He had also acquired the exact coordinates of planet Magrathea where it was kept but had considered them worthless, believing it to be a myth.

Kavula was unwilling, so soon after the demoralization of his failed presidential bid, to devote time and resources to seeking a weapon that was probably mythical on a planet that was almost certainly mythical. However, when Zaphod Beeblebrox sought him out to gloat shortly after stealing the starship Heart of Gold, Kavula saw an opportunity. He took one of Zaphod's heads and arms hostage and commissioned the latter to seek the gun for him. Zaphod did recover the gun but whether Kavula ever received it is unknown.

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