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Hhh was a Pentath and assistant fashion engineer from planet Pentathlon. She was partially responsible for designing the hottest clothing lines in her quadrant.

Pentathlon looked to planet Earth for all of the latest trends, and from the age of fourteen and up Hhh was often assigned to visit there and report on clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. By covering her center eye with a prosthetic Earthling nose and enrolling in East Weston Northside High as the attractive and intelligent Deborah Cromwell, she was able to do so without arousing suspicion. As she became the most popular girl at that school and increasingly immersed in her role, her twin identities began to cause her confusion. When no longer on Earth she was still often heard to speak in Earthling teenage and high school lingo.

Hhh periodically met with her fashion sub-commander and dropped off her sketches on Ice Planet B, where the hostile environment kept most competitors away. While there she used her generous salary to stay at the luxurious Interplanetary Diamond Hotel. On one of these excursions she chanced to see classmates from Earth, Walter Nutria and Yselle Meridian. Realizing that they were trustworthy she confided her entire story to them with little hesitation.

Later she attended the Tulip Extravanganza school dance with Spencer Zyblut, captain of the football team. This was not her first date with him, and although she only undertook them to avoid suspicion, she soon began to develop genuine feelings for him, in spite of his mere two eyes and unsightly nose.