Galgo is a sport invented and played by the Duppi on planet Dup. It has long been the favorite game on that planet and has become increasingly popular among the rest of the Milky Way galaxy after its exposure by visiting Earthling scientists Roger and Melissa Grant.

The rules have changed a bit since its inception. Originally, the Galgo ball was tossed by the referee, and then there was a free-for-all with everyone pushing each other to get it so until it bounced off their outstretched fingertips into the puppany plants. Someone on the team, whoever picked the short straw or whoever nobody liked, would have to go retrieve it and give it back to the referee to throw again. This would continue until everyone got sick of it and went home. In hindsight it seems a bit strange that this game ever became popular with them.

Galgo was revolutionized by the Grants' daughter, Catherine, who was forced by her friend Fasta to play it instead of baseball which was too easy for the Duppi and usually made to retrieve the ball because any of them could snap her in half. Catherine couldn't understand why they didn't take different positions to cover where the ball would go after it bounced. One day, after leaving the game in a huff and watching from afar, she surreptitiously took left field, her baseball position, away from everyone else. She actually caught the ball. The Duppi spent several minutes cheering in ecstacy before starting to wonder what to do now.

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