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Not to be confused with Galaxy Squad.

The Galaxy Rescue Squad is a non-profit organization funded by the Federation League of Planets that will help anyone anywhere in space, unless it involves heavy fighting. It was founded by Zoonicks to help Earthlings following the devastation of Moonquake Pluta. Representatives of many species have since joined but Zoonicks remain the chief contributors.

Galaxy Rescue Squad response times are legendary thanks to its state-of-the-art ships and teleporters. It is practically unheard of for them to show up too late.

Most people send them an O-mail or contact them by radio, but beings lacking this technology must memorize (or write down) their long Galactic Emergency Number, which is: 971*333*717*55*699***10101*919*222*5505*3001. In the words of Webelos Woody: “I’ll admit it’s impossible to remember, but they do get here fast!”