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Galaxy Gus

Galactic Gus was a Penguin cowboy and the wild west version of Zidgel known as the fastest draw, the twirliest rope, the steeliest eye, lord of the lariats, baron of balloons, the bravest hero that ever rode the star trail - and a big fat fake.

Gus was a phony two-bit traveling showman – until he came to the town of Gamma Gulch on planet Sagebrush. Its people were in need of a hero to save them from Honcho Villa’s gang, and Galactic Gus reluctantly agreed to face them. At the last minute, though, he lost his nerve and told the truth – “I throw up before gym class!” His disappointed fans forgave him, but he still had to face Villa.

He avoided a fatal fight by making a balloon Squidthing from planet Aqua, rubbing it on his feathers, and tossing it at Honcho. It grabbed him and carried him into the air; then Gus slingshotted a weather vane, which popped the balloon, which sent Honcho Villa flying and his henchmen running. Galactic Gus vowed to stop lying, and became a bigger hero than ever before.

Years later, Zidgel wrote a song called “The Legend of Galactic Gus."