GT and the Suction Cups is a band formed by Green Tentacle. It features Green Tentacle on drums, Light Blue Tentacle on keyboard, Purplish Blue Tentacle on electric guitar, and Razor on vocals. How any of the Tentacles play their instruments without hands or fingers of any sort is a mystery.

Green Tentacle had aspirations of forming a band and had offered Razor a position after hearing a recording of her piano performance, but on account of his low self-esteem he was afraid to send his demo tape to anyone. Razor took it upon herself to send the tape to Mark Eteer, the man who promised to publish anything and who promptly sent Green Tentacle a recording contract. Thrilled, Green Tentacle sent out a call for more band members. Razor agreed to be a part of it even though she already had an obligation to her own band, Razor and the Scummettes. After Light Blue Tentacle joined she decided to focus on vocals and leave the keyboard to him.

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