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G. Whiz Bang is an electronic messenger and part-time computer virus for the Villains' International League of Evil. Its favorite author is Jules Verne, its favorite astronomer is Percival Lowell, and its favorite food is radiation.

Invisible to all but the highest-powered microscopes, Whiz is the speediest transporter of communications known to humankind. Whiz attaches itself to radio waves, quantum particles and other real or theoretical bundles of energy, then uses its tail to inch forward, thereby actually traveling faster than the speed of light.

Carmen Sandiego uses Whiz's unique talents for intergalactic communication, always keeping one step ahead of the Space Police. Whiz moonlights as a computer virus, gumming up the works of bank security systems, stock brokerage houses and junior high school teachers' grading systems. Living on a strict diet of radiation, Whiz often gets ill because it is always eating on the fly.