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Fuzzy Lummoxes (scientific name Quasimammuthus Quadricornis) are large docile six-legged pachyderms with shaggy gray fur, most suitable as beasts of burden. They are found living in herds on the grassland plains of Sector Prime temperate planets, where they are hunted by Piranha Bees and Megamoebas.

The brain of a Fuzzy Lummox is located deep within its abdomen. Two bony chambers, located in its head above the eyes, allow a lummox to "hear" by sonar. They are herbivorous foragers and use their defensive tusks to dig roots but are also tall enough, with a length of four meters and a height of eight meters, to be able to forage treetops. Their diet includes seed grasses and leaves, as well as protein-rich legumes, tubers, berries and fruits. Their three stomachs, which incidentally cradle and cushion its brain, each process carbohydrates, protein and fructose separately.

Once every three years all adult Lummoxes are driven by instinct to return to their ancestral mating grounds to perform their bizarre and complex courtship dances. Bull lummoxes fight for the cows, the frenzy of the mating activities reaches a climax, and eggs are laid. Lummox hatchlings emerge within a few days to begin their arduous and dangerous trek back to the grassland herds. Great numbers are eaten by snakes, toads, reptiles and other hungry prowlers of the underbrush. Some become confused and lose their way. Others are devoured by Piranha Bees. But a few very lucky and determined infant Lummoxes will return to their kin renewing the herds in a grand cycle of life. They can live for approximately two hundred years.