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The Florg are a sapient race from planet Pyxis and allies of the Kron. They are basically humanoids but with approximately five hundred slender tentacles in place of arms. In all other respects they resemble their relatives the Nautolans, down to the jut of the chin and the olive green complexion. A Florg can be immediately knocked unconscious by hitting a sensitive nerve-node in the neck, or by exposing them to lots of oxygen, as they are used to a primarily nitrogen atmosphere.

The Florg had an arrangement with the Kron running the Cosmic Funhouse. They got to keep the ships of all the tourists who “mysteriously” went missing there. They had taken Michael Peterson and 2-Tor’s ship, the Challenger, when the two suddenly beamed back on. The Florg put on holographic disguises and pretended to be crew members, but to no avail. Mike engaged them in hand-to-hand combat and discovered the nerve-node thing. While he did this 2-Tor turned up the ship’s oxygen levels and knocked out the rest.

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