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This article is about the species. For a list of Flinduvians, see Category: Flinduvians.

Flinduvians are the dominant species of planet Flinduvia. They grow from six to eight feet tall and are packed with solid muscle. Their feet are long and flexible hooves, while their fingers are scale-covered tentacles of different lengths and thicknesses, specialized for uses which are best not to think about. Their long snaky black tongues include two large nostril holes which can open and close.

Flinduvians are fierce and angry by nature, widely known as the "Creatures of the Red Haze" due to a fierce state of nearly uncontrollable rage which they occasionally enter. They are raised from a young age to be even more callous and self-serving than normal. The children are beaten and abandoned on mountaintops by their parents to toughen them up and often four children are locked in a room with only enough water for two to survive until the day they are released. These practices augment the Flinduvian predatory instincts, imbuing them with a fierce bloodlust and desire for conquest of other races. Flinduvian military forces are extremely dangerous yet disorganized, for a Flinduvian only remains in power until another mutinies and takes his place.

After Flinduvia was admitted to the Coalition of Civilized Worlds, several Flinduvians under the leadership of Jivaro plotted to circumvent the ten-per-species limit on the Starry Doors by transporting several corpses to planet Earth and then re-animating them with Earthling ghosts. The plan was foiled when a corpse named Zarax was accidentally filled with the living spirit of Anthony Walker, who took control of it and wreaked havoc on the other Flinduvians long enough for a Wentar to inform the Coalition of their actions.