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The Ferengi are a race of capitalistic aliens that will try to do business with anyone. They hail from the torrential world of Ferenginar, where it's constantly raining (which, one would imagine, isn't that good for business; unless the business is selling umbrellas, raincoats or tabletop games for those who stay home).

Merchants, smugglers, entrepreneurs, even bartenders; wherever there's profit, there will be Ferengi. Females are harder to come across, since their culture dictates that they must stay home (and are also forbidden from wearing clothes). The Ferengi Alliance is presided by a Grand Nagus and operates by their sacred 285 Rules of Acquisition (rule number one: "Once you have their money, you never give it back").

Physically, the most recognizable trait of this species is their ears, which give them acute hearing. They eat grubs and insects, and their minds are naturally protected against telepathy. In the galactic community, they're known for having invented drinks such as Synthehol and Slug-o-Cola.