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Not to be confused with the United Federation of Planets. Of course, since everyone else gets them confused, you'd be in good company.

The Federation League of Planets is a galaxy-wide alliance in the Milky Way that rose to power to fill the void of the weakening Imperial Galactic Government. Branches of the Federation League of Planets include the Interstellar Revenue Decimation Service (usurped from the Imperial Galactic Government) and the Federation Robotics and Kitchen Technology Research Unit. Galactars are its official currency, replacing the Imperial Galactic Government's Galabucks, though the latter and virtually any other currency can still be exchanged for them.

The Federation controversially commissioned notorious thief Jack T. Ladd to stop P'Pau'D'P'Pau from using the Transatron, which they told him was a doomsday weapon, in exchange for forgiving his substantial tax debt. Later, it was nearly wiped out by invaders from Dimension 238, but Jack T. Ladd once again stepped in, this time with police officer Ysanne Andropath, to save the day.

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