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This article is not about an actual galaxy; it's just the guy's name. Also he is no relation to Eddie Galaxy.

Enzo di Galaxy is an aquatic show-off for the Villains' International League of Evil. His favorite author is Arthur C. Clarke, his favorite astronomer is Galileo Galilei, and his favorite food is Earth cuisine.

A native of Red Spot Hollow, Jupiter, Enzo once signed up for a summer job as a lifeguard off the Sea of Tranquility, where he hoped to impress the babes on Earth's moon Luna. Since the Sea of Tranquility is nothing but rocks and craters, Enzo was like a fish out of water. In fact, he was a fish out of water. So he headed for Earth, where Carmen Sandiego almost speared him one day while scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Enzo now mostly hangs out in shallow coastal waters where he terrorized windsurfers, hijacks catamarans and hustles unsuspecting college students in water polo. Enzo is also an amateur astronomer, and claims to be a descendant of star-gazing superstar Galileo Galilei.