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Dud Bolt

Dud Bolt was a Vulptereen pilot with a sleek Vulptereen 327 podracer, who served as Sebulba's midair bodyguard. Sebulba would give him a cash bonus for every Podracer he could bring down on the track, with an even further bonus for casualties. As a result, Dud Bolt's racing strategy was not to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, but to aggressively take on anyone who happened to be nearby. In fact, Podracing spectators would typically make bets not on whether or not Dud would finish first, but on how many vehicles he would destroy along the way.

It was a slow day for Bolt during the Boonta Eve Classic, in which he only managed to take out one other pilot—Ark "Bumpy" Roose—during the third lap and destroyed his own Podracer in doing so. Sebulba gave him a hefty bonus for putting the Nuknog out of action. With his pod destroyed, Bolt was unable to finish the race. Injured by the crash, Bolt was sent to a Mos Espa med center to recover. Sebulba replaced the out-of-commission Vulptereen with Aldar Beedo, leading to the injured Vulptereen to swear eternal hatred to the double-crossing Dug.

Dud Bolt's pod was later seen on one of the screens inside the Outlander Club on Coruscant. It may have been a separate Vulptereen 327.