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Dream Snakes (scientific name Vermis Psychedelicus) are tiny gold and brown ringed serpents found in the jungles and tropical forests of Sector Prime temperate and hot planets. They grow from fourteen to twenty-four centimeters in length. They have a venomous bite which can induce intense dreams and nightmares, psychotic episodes and insanity. Their natural enemy is the Keek Bird.

Dream Snakes' entire bodies are photosensitive. Their two slender "eye stalks" are actually far more versatile organs than eyes, each being a hypersensitive multifiltered receptor growth specifically tuned to brain waves, subtle chemical and electrolytic functions, ectoplasmic aura and molecular displacement. Simply put, a Dream Snake is attracted to happy and healthy lifeforms which project good vibrations.

Nocturnal predators, Dream Snakes will hide by day in the boles of trees, or under stones or fallen wood until nightfall when they become active. When they attack, Dream Snakes will use their rings of tiny sharp teeth, and a kind of constricted body suction, to attach themselves to their prey like a Bandurian Sand Leech. Their venom, which contains a potent psychoactive alkaloid, rapidly confuses the creature which will be too distressed to dislodge them. Meanwhile, the Dream Snakes feast upon the convulsing creature's nutritive bodily juices until sated. Disgusting, isn't it? Fortunately, Dream Snakes only need to feed once a month or so, and their species is fairly rare in the Milky Way galaxy, so most likely you'll never have to witness this particular miracle of nature.

Dream Snakes are solitary and hermaphroditic and reproduce by laying beer keg shaped cocoons on unsuspecting creatures while feeding. The Dream Snake larvae eventually hatch and burrow into the creature. As the larvae thrive, and toxin levels increase, the creature is slowly driven insane. When the creature finally expires the snakes emerge as fully grown adults which may live from five to ten years.