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Don Juan Pedro Ladino de Philmonte, usually known simply as Pedro, was a Mailburro from planet Earth. He was naive, clumsy, disorganized and nearly always cheerful, which was generally seen as a likeable combination. His entrepeneurial spirit led him to try many business endeavors and go to great lengths to achieve them. In general he was the mail carrier for Boys' Life magazine.

While singing his "Great Thinker" song to himself ("Oh yes, I'm the great deep thinker/Cause thinking's what I do so well/My brain is vast, and it's built to last/How powerful, no one can tell!") he was overheard by Zorgians who were in need of someone to come to their aid. They captured him with their grabber beam and allowed him to pilot their ship, which he crashlanded on their planet Zorg. After he frightened off the ambassador from Xxergazox and damaged their fleet of ships, both of which he mistook for invaders, the Zorgians showed him their matter transference beam which coincidentally was locked onto his own office and could not be relocated. After they pushed him through to test it, it came unstuck.

Soon afterwards Pedro decided to open an ice cream parlor of blue ice cream, but was unable to find any blue flavors that wouldn't turn customers blue. He became convinced that one would be available on Earth's moon, Luna, and set off for it, but ran out of fuel in a meteor shower and was stuck drifting through space.

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