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The Dentrassis are large furry beings from planet Dentrass, a tribe of unruly gourmands, wild but pleasant. They are widely regarded as the best cooks and the best drink mixers and they don’t give a wet slap about anything else.

When the first Dentrassi crawled out from the nicely salted seas of Dentrass he discovered stones, woods and made his first cooking tools - pans, spoons, and the like. Cooking tools were soon used as monetary units, and they used to keep several hundreds of them in their houses where in fact there was not much place left for anything else. Years later another Dentrassi discovered that he could actually do something absolutly great with the tools designed by his elders; he discovered that he could cook.

He took several days just to decide which tools he should use for his first recipe amid the hundred he got. What he finally settled on was quite simple but contained the great principle which still forms the basis of Dentrassi cooking; quality before quantity. So his first dish was as small as was long its list of ingredients and its name - it was a Deliciousness yellow shloufty poélée à la sauce royale with fossy browny mushrooms and glooby herbs.

Thanks to the collapse of their planet's economy and the need to find work elsewhere, many Dentrassis are now employed by Vogons as catering staff on long haul fleets, on the strict understanding that they keep very much to themselves. They are willing to do this because they love Vogon money, which is one of the hardest currencies in space, but loathe the Vogons themselves and are rather peeved that the Vogons do not appreciate their culinary abilities and always demand fire-roasted crabs.They will always let hitchhikers aboard, partly for the company but mostly because it annoys the Vogons, which is how Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect escaped the destruction of planet Earth.