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Deborah Cromwell was the alias taken by Hhh, assistant fashion engineer from Pentathlon, in her undercover work on planet Earth. In this guise the Pentath merely had to cover her center eye with a prosthetic Earthling-style nose. “Debbie” quickly became the most popular girl at East Weston Northside High where she attended school. In an attempt to blend in with the local culture she became a cheerleader and captain of the karate team, and her natural intelligence garnered her the second-highest grade point average in the entire school. It was believed by teachers and classmates alike that she would grow up to cure a major disease.

The more time Hhh spent on Earth, the more her personality and “Debbie’s” became intertwined, until even she was unsure which was which. Never was this more evident than her relationship with football team captain Spencer Zyblut, which she undertook to further blend into society but soon found herself playing a bit too convincingly.
"Debbie" often left school on a variety of pretexts, from being sick to visiting colleges, while Hhh visited her fashion sub-coordinator and dropped off sketches.

After a chance encounter at the Interplanetary Diamond Hotel on Ice Planet B with classmates from Earth, Walter Nutria and Yselle Meridian, Hhh feared that her secret identity would finally be exposed, but decided quickly that she had nothing to lose and confided everything to them. They were able to keep it a secret, although they had trouble in the future not being distracted in school whenever they saw her, and thinking about the third eye behind that straight, petite nose.