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Deadrock is a planet in the Draco Sector of the Milky Way galaxy. Its capital is A'void City and it is governed from a building known as the Krumblin. The climate is hot, when it isn’t freezing, and full of sand. Lots of sand. You like sand? You’ve come to the right place. But don’t eat the local cuisine. Deadrockers eat whatever they can find in the desert and this is often food of the sort that wriggles as you chew it. Take sandwiches.

Rivers once crisscrossed the surface of Deadrock, but retreated long ago and carved channels in the soft rock.  Then even these sunk deeper within the planet and can only be reached by boreholes, leaving tunnels for the creepy-crawly things normally associated with such places.

A cosmopolitan planet with a thriving trade base, Deadrock was once the site of many Friends and an Outernet Server. It was invaded by the FOEs, who crushed the valiant resistance effort against them. The surviving Friends were forced to flee and establish a base in Dead Beings' Gulch. Meanwhile the FOEs took over the Krumblin and banned all forms of verbal communication under pain of death. All communications and surveillance systems were routed through the Tyrant's captured Server. In this way the citizens could not plan a revolt. They were also unable to leave the planet, giving it a bad reputation which, given what has just been described, was not really undeserved.

Friends agents J'arl and C'aran and their allies, along with visitors Jack Armstrong, Merle Stone, Lothar Gelt, Googie and Bitz, succeeded in storming the Krumblin from their hidden base and destroying the Server. The planet is once again becoming cosmopolitan with a thriving trade base.