Craniac is the master planner of the space-crook gang. If there's a daring heist, a high-tech break-in or an impossible escape from Space Police hyper-jail going on, it's a safe bet that this is the guy responsible for working out the whole thing - and with his cybernetically-enhanced brain, he makes it all look easy. Craniac might be a little too smart for his own good, though, and Brick Daddy keeps a close eye or three on the loot to make sure his smartest henchman doesn't try to pocket any of the gang's ill-gained goods for himself. After all, that's the boss's job.

Craniac's vehicle of choice is the Alien Space Chopper , and he is wanted for looting high-security Space Fortress Plaxxon V , stealing the Bejeweled Statue of Venus-9 , and 6,053 unpaid astro-parking tickets.