Brick Daddy is the big boss behind the entire space-crook gang. His name spoken only in whispers in the darkest astro-alleys of the Milky Way galaxy, he rules from the shadows, ordering his henchmen to commit robberies, heists, and acts of petty vandalism all throughout the cosmos. No Space Police officer has ever seen his face, and there are rumors that he might be a robot, a clone, or that he might not really exist at all. But the truth is that Brick Daddy is just very good at being bad, and even better at not getting caught. We'd warn you not to get on his bad side, except that he doesn't have a good side.

Brick Daddy's vehicle of choice is a Lunar Limo and he is wanted for pan-galactic space racketeering, running no fewer than eight space crook mobs, and tax evasion.