The Breakfast Buddy 6000 was a Turbo-Pulsar Industries product and a combined robot/kitchen appliance. For the kitchen it contained the functions of an alarm clock, a toaster, a coffee machine, a bagel slicer, an egg scrambler, and a bacon fryer. Going above and beyond that, however, it was equipped with an impressive artificial intelligence unit. It was able to roll around on its small wheels and bring breakfast to its owner in bed. With its long arms it could grab the newspaper off the front step and water the plants. As the coup de grace, its vocabulator allowed it to discuss the latest sports scores and give its owner advice about their investments.

Sadly, this promising invention was recalled to the factory within a year due to a design flaw in its computer brain. The Breakfast Buddy was very proud of its functions and would take serious offense if its owner refused breakfast three days in a row. It would then wake said owner up by pouring hot coffee on the plants and throwing bagels at his/her/its head.