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Booba was the on-board computer of the Federation Police ship Relentless, serving under Ysanne Andropath. Her name was not, as some supposed, a reference to the mammary glands of some species, but rather an acronym bestowed by her engineers, who joked that if she was on a ship the captain would be "better off on board another". She never let on, but this deeply hurt her feelings.

Booba had a loving and matriarchal personality, taking great pains to meet all of Ysanne's needs and convince her to settle down with a nice man. She took a similar interest in Jack T. Ladd when he was captured, but still kept an eye on him and refused to let him escape.

Booba helped calculate the coordinates of the entry point for invaders from Dimension 238 by triangulating the signals from their beacons. She briefly went insane when infected by a computer virus on a floppy disk from planet Lixa, but after being switched off for a while was able to purge her system before any permanent damage was done. She could only be switched off by a panel on the top of the ship's exterior, which was a really dumb idea.