The Blobbie Colors are a race of seven Blobbies from Blobbieworld who were created by Blobbie Fire, one of the Elemental Blobbies.  Their number includes Blobbie Red, Blobbie Orange, Blobbie Yellow, Blobbie Green, Blobbie Blue, Blobbie Indigo, and Blobbie Violet.  Each of them has a distinct personaltiy type.

After their creation the Blobbies were given strict orders not to wake up Blobbie Void, but when they grew bored and wished to learn new shapes, Blobbie Violet persuaded Blobbie Indigo to wake him up and ask.  He then turned into a portal which let in the Hexacones, and was forced to transport them to Earth for their own safety.  There they learned several new shapes and returned with their knowledge to defeat the Hexacones.

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