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Bea Miupscotti is a former nightclub entertainer and a member of the Villains' International League of Evil. Her favorite author is Ursula Le Guin, her favorite astronomer is Edwin Hubble, and her favorite food is Earth cuisine.

Even criminals need relaxation, so Carmen Sandiego hired this so-called “lounge lizard” who puts on song-and-dance shows like nobody's business. Influences by such groups as the Moonglows, the Starlighters and Bill Haley and the Comets, Bea's repertoire now includes songs in twenty-one languages from seven planets, sixteen moons and two asteroids.

Unfortunately, when it was discovered during a recent concert on Venus that Bea wasn't really singing – only lip-synching to an off-stage cassette tape – she barely escaped with her life. She rode a beam of light back to her space-trailer, while irate Venutians pelted her with pomegranates, nipped at her tail, and screamed for her scalp (not to mention refunds).