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The Battle of Erlenmeyer took place in the Erlenmeyer Asteroid Field in 2001 and concluded the Lirg-Wotwot War. The Lirgonian flagship Gilded Excelsior, under the direction of Captain Uxno and carrying the recently appointed General Walter Nutria, had come to the asteroid field hoping to find Wotwots busy insulting spaceships, and press the advantage against them. Uxno and his crew were aware that the Wotwots had recruited their own general, Walter's friend Yselle Meridian, but were confident that they had had more time to build up a working relationship. They first encountered Orloff Tree of the transgalactic cargo ship Iblis, who had picked up evidence of the Wotwot flagship WSS Ferlinghetti, carrying its own general, nearby.

After a brief exchange of insults between Uxno and Fip, the Wotwot captain, the generals were called upon to lead them into battle. Disappointed to learn that there was no tactical computer, General Nutria opted instead to simply go around behind the Wotwot vessel. In attempting to evade this maneuver the Ferlinghetti sideswiped an asteroid and was put off balance. Uxno intended to seize the opportunity and blast away at the crippled ship with Type A Laser Cannons, but Walter, unaware that Type A's would not destroy it completely and fearing for his friend Yselle, protested. The misunderstanding was quickly settled and the lasers fired, but the gunner had forgotten to aim at anything and blasted a small asteroid instead, showering the Gilded Excelsior with fragments of rock and driving it off course.

As Walter hoped, the Wotwots believed the Excelsior to be disabled, but he did not expect General Meridian to order them to fire with a High-Octane Impedance Torpedo.

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