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Bar kooda

Bar-Kooda was a Herglic space pirate who terrorized the lawless sectors of the galaxy in the years after the Battle of Endor. He was the younger brother of Ry-Kooda.

Bar-Kooda was infamous for eating his enemies. One of his perpetual targets was Orko the Hutt, proprietor of a shipping business. To win Orko's approval so that he may marry Orko's daughter, Gorga the Hutt hired Boba Fett to capture Bar-Kooda. Even though the standing bounty was 100,000 credits, Fett demanded double that; Gorga grudgingly accepted.

Fett enlisted the aid of Wim Magwit, an illusionist who had spent four years aboard Bar-Kooda's starship, the Bloodstar, performing for the pirates. Magwit agreed to help Fett in exchange for freedom from an outstanding bounty on his own head. Through Magwit, Fett was able to infiltrate Bloodstar aboard an escape pod. Surprised at the return of Magwit, Bar-Kooda ordered him to perform a magic show—and be executed shortly thereafter.

Nevertheless, this provided enough time for Fett to capture the pirate. Magwit's mystifying hoop, the highlight of his act, was the key to Fett's plan. Magwit offered Bar-Kooda the chance to try the hoop, and he was pulled through by Fett backstage. Little did Bar-Kooda know that the hoop was actually a short-range matter transmitter. Bar-Kooda quickly realized what had happened and fought back against Fett, firing projectiles from his wrist-mounted cannon. Fett finally subdued Bar-Kooda after firing his flamethrower into Bar-Kooda's face. Meanwhile, Magwit had fled back to the escape pod. With Bar-Kooda in tow, Fett and Magwit blasted free from the Bloodstar and returned to Gorga with his prize.

Later on, Gorga and Anachro announced their engagement to her indignant father, Orko, at a a banquet in his honor. Bar-Kooda was served as the main dish. It was disturbing to look at but didn't taste half bad.