BZ7943177568, a Freddian, was considered to be the most beautiful girl on planet Fred. “All the boys – EEP – are always asking me for dates.” BZ was forced to make an emergency landing in Central Park on Earth when her ship ran out of mayonnaise, stranded with only an omni-speak unit and a T-shirt saying, “My leader went to Earth and all he brought me was this lousy T-shirt”.

She fainted on her first encounter with Earthlings – Zack and his father – and had to be revived by Dr. Kropotkin. Hampered by Special Agents Moldy and Scaley, her new friends got her eight giant-sized jars of Hellman’s Real and discovered her spaceship missing. It turned out to have been towed for illegal parking. So had Moldy and Scaley’s car, and Zack needed some fast talking to avoid trouble when they showed up. “It’s a foreign job.” BZ left Zack and his dad with 143 karat diamond as a token of her thanks.

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