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Avery Littlebit Phelps is a mascot and apprentice pickpocket for the Villains' International League of Evil. His favorite author is Arthur C. Clarke, his favorite astronomer is Maria Mitchell, and his favorite food is toxic waste.

Just now learning the tricks of the trade, Avery is the “go-fer” for Carmen Sandiego and her gang. He runs errands (or flies them) and takes everything Carmen says literally. When Carmen asks for the time, Avery steals a half-dozen wristwatches. When she asks him to call her a taxi, he shouts out “Hey boss, you're a taxi!”

His innocent looks allow him to sneak into places he really shouldn't be. Like the luggage compartment of the Inter-Gallactic Tour Bus (“Leave the Launching to Us”) where he regularly makes off with cameras, jewelry, and ray-guns by the daypack-full. Like many youngsters, Avery has a sweet tooth. He is especially fond of ice cream bathed in a toxic mercury syrup and dusted lightly with pesticide.