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Astro Fizzix is a mad scientist robot of the Villains' International League of Evil. Its favorite author is Arthur C. Clarke, its favorite astronomer is Maria Mitchell, and its favorite food is liquid hydrogen.

Possessed of the most devious mind of the twenty-first (or any other) century, Astro is a brilliant conscience-less, criminal-minded robot who invented itself. Designed (per Carmen Sandiego's specifications) to be a smarter, cheaper thief, willing to work endless over-time for minimum wage, Astro still has a few bugs in its system. Like its all-too-human heart. On a recent caper Astro fell head-over-heels in love and ran off with an automated teller machine.

In fact, Astro has ended up costing Carmen a pretty petty, due not only to its soft heart, but also its unusual diet, which calls for a daily tureen of lobster bisque made from a stock soup of liquid hydrogen.