Astrid Sullinger was a gorgeous young Earthling lady with long dark hair and a pretty smile. Checking into the Hotel Copernicus in Luna City on Luna during her first trip away from Earth, she met the dashing Ulysses S. Jones who was making change as a bellboy. After getting established, she left her room to go eat, and no sooner had she done that than Ulysses came running from a couple of sore pool losers. He pulled her into a corner and kissed her passionately to look – wait for it – inconspicuous.

Yes, under the circumstances that was slightly less inconspicuous than an Orangapoid tap-dancing while juggling bottles of Antarean Kidney Twister and belching “I Left My Leg in Jaglan Beta”, but it worked. A dinner and a dance later, they lived happily ever after for a time. But what if Ulysses had been a homicidal rapist kidnapper or something? Don’t be ditzy, ladies, because with your luck that’s the kind of person you'll get when it happens to you.

Fortunately for Astrid, however, she had about three months left before her end. During Moonquake Pluta, Astrid was still in Hotel Copernicus. She rushed from her room to find Ulysses S. Jones, to whom she was by now engaged. He carried her through the halls for nearly ten minutes before he was pinned by a rock. Astrid was thrown into a wall to remove her from its path, but she was instantly claimed by another one. Ulysses freed himself and rushed to her, but she was mortally wounded and suffering from internal bleeding in the head. Astrid was moved into a makeshift coffin and buried in the rubble with a small memorial plaque.

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