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The Aquoids were one of three dominant species on planet Onnec. They should not be confused with the D’joirgs or the Mylaks, the other two intelligent species of planet Onnec. They were once a race of normal Humans, aside from a tendency to live peacefully with their neighbors. They lived together under the leadership of their lord Dyn.

It is, of course, a well-known fact that most Humans are nearly two-thirds water. It is also a well-known fact that between a Human and a large Dinosaur, regardless of the Human having weapons or not, all bets are on the big guys. Both of these facts became quite relevant when Aquoid scientists under the direction of Semtor, who enjoyed the distinction of having saved them from exctinction at the hands of the Thone, sent for a sample of Dinosaurs from prehistoric Earth.

So it was that the Aquoids decided it would be a good idea to evolve before all that remained of them was several piles of chewed bones. This was rather simpler than many scientists think. It was simply a matter of increasing the water percentage in their bodies until they were liquidy enough to slide along the groung and slip through tight spaces.

Semtor was to torment them once again, albeit unintentionally. He had been built in the first place from the remains of Mike Peterson and 2-Tor, which were mistaken for the same species. After Semtor’s disappearance the Aquoids attacked the two until the mess was straightened out. Then they attempted to make them stay and recombine them back into Semtor, but his absence was already changing the events of time and the Aquoids ceased to exist, having been wiped out by the Thone hundreds of years ago.

Any you encounter are therefore either the product of a deranged imagination or illusions created by Dyn, the only survivor.