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This article is about the species. For a list of Androgenans, see Category: Androgenans.

The Androgenans are the Human species of the planet Terra Androgena. They are mostly women and will therefore probably die out soon.  We're not being sexist or anything, we're just saying it's kind of hard to reproduce with only one gender, that's all.

At some point the Androgenans launched into the Great Gender War which nearly wiped out all the males of their species. With a machine known as the Gender Bender, those women who had been in charge of waging the war were able to temporarily become men in order to continue their species. This led to the creation of two distinct castes as they became known as "Keepers" while those who had wanted nothing to do with the war or this perverse technology became "Stock" and were forced to participate in the breeding. The Keepers retained their technological and fashion advancement while the Stock returned to simple agricultural lives in grass huts and clothes of plant and animal parts.

Following the events of Rex Nebular's visit to Amazonia, the Keepers' influence over the population was drastically reduced and they were gradually assimilated into the rest of the population. The use of the Gender Bender continued but a few surviving males, sensing the decrease in hostility, were able to leave their places of refuge and return to what was left of their civilization.