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Not to be confused with Amphibibs, a frog-like species from the Outer Dimension.

Amphiboids are close cousins of the more common Ithorians and hail from the watery planet Muk’Thar. They lack skin, relying on their stiff red muscles as an outer layer. A sheet of these extends from both shoulders to the groin in a v-shape, while its counterpart on the back is more elaborate and covers the spinal chord and brain stem. A less noticible one protects the collarbone. Although the muscles are stiff and hamper swimming, they absorb oxygen directly from air or water into the neon green blood, removing the necessity for either lungs or gills.

Amphiboids also vary from their Ithorian relatives in some more minor respects. Their necks do not extend out away from the body. Their hands and feet both comprise two spindly fingers flanked by shorter, semi-opposable digits. They lack two mouths, although theirs is curved rather sharply as if on the evolutionary path to splitting. And lastly their eyes glow in the dark, improving their vision and intimidating potential predators. Amphiboids are ecology and scientifically minded much like the Ithorians, though to a lesser degree.