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This article is about the species. For a list of Amazonians, see Category: Amazonians.

Amazonians are the Human race of planet Amazonia. They live both on the main continent and on several of its irsurrounding islands. Depending on heredity and environment they range in size from the Human average to twelve feet tall. The larger ones tend to live within the deep jungle where their size makes them less vulnerable to predators.

men as well however, and established the capital punishment of snoo-snoo for any men who happened upon them as a way of simultaneously reproducing and killing them.

The former Keepers led the campaign for a new beginning to modernize the planet and join the galactic community and were responsible for Amazonia joining the Democratic Order of Planets, the construction of Le Palm D'Orbit above their world, and sending contestants to the Miss Universe Pageant. However, snoo-snoo remained in force in certain areas.