Alia Rellapor was a close childhood friend of P.Q. Goybi and later the queen of planet Smoo, wife of King Froptoppit and mother of Prince Froptoppit. She was known as one of the most beautiful Smoovians on the planet. She refused to change her own surname to "Froptoppit", believing that it sounded silly, and this was sometimes the subject of arguments between her and her husband.

After one such argument, she was approached by Loza Throck and put under the Mulgari Trance, which augmented her anger to such a degree that she kidnapped her own son and spirited him away to a castle on the other side of the planet. Rumors spread about why she had done it, and then about herself; it was argued as to whether she possessed horns or fangs.

After Akiko Kikuchi freed her from the trance, she returned home to her husband with her son and they all lived happily ever after.

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