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Aldar beedo

Aldar Beedo, a Glymphid, was a mercenary first and a podracer pilot second, and offered his services as a hitman to whomever could offer the biggest cash reward. His Podracer was a MARK IV Flat-Twin Turbojet.

His murder of Fluggrian crime lord Borzu Nale prior to the Boonta Eve Classic drove Nale's son Kam to seek revenge. Kam entered the Podrace as Elan Mak with intent to destroy Beedo's racer. Meanwhile, Beedo accepted a job for Wan Sandage; the aging Devlikk wanted Beedo to eliminate Sebulba. Beedo failed to bring down the Dug's Pod during the Boonta Eve Classic, although he finished third. He continued to track Sebulba, while himself being tracked by Kam Nale. Race after race occurred and neither pilot managed to kill their target. However, during this time, Beedo began to develop a great respect for Sebulba, one of the only pilots Beedo took seriously on the track. When Wan Sandage died, Beedo ceased his quest to annihilate Sebulba and, in fact, became his new bodyguard.

With the money Sebulba gave him for bringing down other Podracers, Beedo could enhance his own Manta RamAir craft to become a deadlier and deadlier pilot. In the end, however, Beedo was captured by a bounty hunter in the middle of a Fire Mountain Rally race on Baroonda. There is no known connection between this hunter and Kam Nale.