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Agrajag is a creature who has lived many lives. Most creatures do not notice the reincarnation cycle, but Agrajag does. This is because every life of his is ended by Arthur Dent. Funnily enough, every life Arthur Dent has ended has been a form of Agrajag. Agrajag's forms include:

  • A newt Arthur Dent stepped on.
  • A fly he plucked out of his hair.
  • All of the meat he has ever eaten.
  • A bowl of petunias summoned into existence by Arthur Dent using the Infinite Improbability Drive.
  • A sperm whale summoned at the same time as the bowl of petunias. It met the same fate on the ground far below.
  • A rabbit he skinned and ate on prehistoric earth.
  • A man who got a heart attack after Arthur and Ford Prefect teleported there on a chesterfield sofa.
  • A hideous, bat-like creature who was crushed by his own temple.
  • A man in the Starvomeuller Beta who was shot as Arthur Dent jumps out of the way.

After Arthur Dent gets diverted due to a teleportation accident, Agrajag, in his bat form, brings him to his Temple of Hate. There is a huge statue of a 50-armed Arthur Dent killing Agrajag in many different ways. Agrajag then rambles about each of his forms that was killed. After Agrajag mentions his death in Starvomeuller Beta, Arthur Dent says he has never heard of it or been there. Agrajag realizes he brought Arthur Dent to the temple too early, and even if logic is against him, he was still going to kill Arthur Dent anyway. Arthur Dent causes the temple to collapse on Agrajag, ending his life yet again.